Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Last night I left a hot yoga class in Los Angeles grateful ... I then decided that I wanted to share my tips on how to make exercise and health, fun and easy.  So here are my tips:

Train with friends - this does two things... firstly you commit to a training session so as not to let your buddy down, but also it makes training and more enjoyable, to have someone to chat with and train next to.

Variety - is the spice of life, it is also the spice of training.  If you live in a city you should have countless exercise options.  I try to do something different every day of the week - hot yoga, surf, touch rugby, gym, hike, swim, run ....

If you receive an invitation - to try a new form of training, then go.  Normally the first class is free, also who knows if you will love it and who you will meet!

Smoothies - the easiest way to smash yourself with all the macro and micro nutrients your body needs.  Blend a smoothie before or after a workout - I often drink one in the car on the way to training... superfoods, protein and fruit :)

Leave early - If you have to drive somewhere and there will be traffic... leave early, avoid the traffic, exercise and reward yourself for the early drive and the training with a nice breakfast at a cafe.  Also a great way to start the day, exercise done!

Sweat - six days per week.  That is give yourself one rest day but for the rest you should do a strenuous session that makes you sweat!

Ocean - I find it so rejuvenating ... train by it then jump in and challenge yourself to swim out past the deepest surfer.

Yoga - great for the mind, body and soul.  I call myself a 'yoga slut'... I've done every class in Sydney and LA - they have intro packages and you learn new styles while at the same time stimulating yourself with new environments and people.

Team training - play a team sport which you enjoy and appreciate the people you train with, otherwise do a group fitness class such as cross training.

Train for an event - this gives you motivation to train regularly and keeps you out of trouble in the evenings, if you are competitive you will want to give your best.

These are my tips .... have you got any to add to this list?