Thursday, March 3, 2011

Quality Nutrition vs Pills

Nutrition should not to be defined by the effects of isolated nutrients.  That's pharmacology, a strategy now known not to work, in spite of the $25 billion or so that Americans annually spend on nutrient supplements.  Unequivocal evidence now exists to show that nutrition, when provided by the use of whole, plant-based foods, can control the expression of our mischievous genes that otherwise would lead to serious ailments such as heart disease, diabetes, certain autoimmune diseases and many lesser ailments.  There is no other strategy in contemporary health science or medical practice that comes close to the breadth and depth of health benefits achievable by nutrition.  We must begin to understand, communicate and apply this knowledge if we ever hope to reduce health care costs by reducing the burden of disease.  We will never do this by depending on outmoded notions of what single (or even a few) genes, single nutrients or single chemicals (i.e. drugs) will do to create health.  That thinking generates wealth for a few at the expense of health for the many.  It is time to recognize the natural and harmonious biological complexity of health processes, and choose the lifestyle strategy that best maintains and restores that harmony.  Nature has had eons of time to work this out.  It's also time to develop a professional science of nutrition that serves the biological health of the population, not the economic health of commerce.

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