Thursday, July 28, 2011

Quality of Superfoods

I am passionate about Superfoods and their ability to help heal the body – just watch what happens to your physical energy, strength, mental clarity, and mood when you put natural products in your body that work in synergy with your bodies natural processes and leave without causing a stress on your body.

But not all SuperFoods are Created Equal

There are many different Superfoods out there and of course each of them has different properties, qualities and uses.  You will notice that there are many different supplement companies out there offering a wide variety of Superfood products.  Unfortunately there are some companies using inferior quality raw ingredients and outdated processing methods. There are also some products which use fillers to bulk out the product or have added preservatives, sweeteners or other additives.

Look for a company that prides itself on using only the best quality raw ingredients, grown in a pristine local environment.  You also need to ensure they use the use the latest technologies to extract maximum nutrient value from the ingredients they use and have their products independently tested to ensure they contain the nutrients they say they do.  In this industry cheap usually does mean cheap, buy a decent quality product and you’ll experience significantly better results.  On the other hand some 'tonics' can be rather expensive and have little effect on the body!  You need to be mindful of the quality of the raw ingredients as well as the process used for extracting maximum nutrient value from each product.

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